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      Pakkor Packing

Step Direct Heat Sealer

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KSD8'/12''/16'' Step Direct Heat Sealer

Bag Sealing width: 200-400MM
Bag Sealing Thickness:


Sealing Range: 12MM
Power Supply: 220V/110V/50HZ/1Phase
Packing Dim.: 80x55x25CM
Weight: 30KG




● This type of sealer supply 8" 12" 16" , material up to 20 mil thick can be sealed. The meshed seal width is 12mm. Ideal for coated aluminum foil, craft paper, cellophane and other thick materials. Equipped with an electronic thermo controller that accurately controls the temperature form 0-300℃. Both jaws are heated simultaneously so there is better heat penetration to seal thicker material and adjustable work table available.

● Welcome you choose this type of bag sealing machine!



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