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Shrinking Machine & Sealing Machine


Shrinking Machine, Sealing Machine



Max. Sealing Dim. L550xW440
Max. Packing Dim. L550xW440xH300
Power Supply: 220V/50HZ/15A/1Phase
Power: 4KW
Working Efficiency 500-800PCS/H
Packing Size: L1360XW700XH1450
Weight: 120KG




● Transparent glass cement hood, making sealing and shrinking processes fully invisible. Worktable moving back and forth to facilitate various types of packing.

● Adopts single-board controller to ensure stable performance. Furnished with pinhole equipment for film rolling. Bleeding in-film air by gas flushing. Sliding film rack to receive film of various specifications. Bottom foot-wheel to achieve free movement.
● Height adjustable depending on packaging size.
● Imported PITFE thermostable ceramic cutter holder, free from burns or damage after long-term use. Adopting PPS thermostable cutter clip that has experienced longstanding application. Furnished with electrum magnet .Gently press the upper cover to complete sealing and shrink packaging.
● Welcome you choose this type of 2 in 1 shrinking Machine!


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