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PET Pneumatic Strapping Tools, Handy Tool

PET Pneumatic Strapping Tools,PET Strapping Tool,Handy Tool,Packing Tool




PET Pneumatic Strapping Tool


PET Pneumatic Strapping Tool

Max. shrinking force:   259KG 330KG
Max. PET Strap width:


Max. strapping article: No limit No limit
Average Air Pressure: 0.65PA 0.65PA
Volume (LWH): 280160180MM 280160180MM
Net Weight: 3.8KG 4.0KG




PET Pneumatic Strapping Tools is applicable to most status of packaging fields and widely used in the export enterprises of iron, metal, textile, household electric appliance, foodstuff and daily merchandise, specialized in strapping big and heavy pallets.

The handy tool adopts PET strapping band to finish a strap in a high speed, very easy to operating. PET strapping band is high-tension, environmental -protection and no-pollution and can be used to replace steel strapping band. In short, the pneumatic strapping tool is very flexible to use in every packing fields.

Welcome you buy this type of handy PET Pneumatic Strapping Tools!




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