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Adjustable Height Strapping Machine


 Adjuatable Height Strapping Machine

Model: K400 Semi-Auto Strapping Machine High Table Adjustable Height
Power supply:  220V/110V/50HZ/1-phase
Power: 0.66KW
Max. shrinking force:   60KG
PP Strap width:


Min. strapping article: 60MM
Max. strapping article: No limit
Strapping speed: 1.5Second/Strap
PP tape core: Dia.200/230/280MM
Volume (LWH): 895565720-870MM
Weight: 85KG




●PP Strapping Machine, adjustable height, high table model, the height of working table can be adjusted. If you change the high table into low table, you just move the strap plate from the interior of the machine to the right-hand side of the machine, and replace the 4 short legs and the brake lever. Reverse the above procedures, you can change the low table into high table.

●The height of the machines can be adjusted according to the height of the operator and the working demands.

●If the working ground is not level, you can adjust the length of the 4 legs then keep the level of this machines.

●Other features are as same as with the model of K300 semi-auto strapping machine.

●This type of adjustable is classical model, welcome you choose this strapping equipments!



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